Sep 26
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CRIS Certification Elevates Secure PHI Transfer Confidence

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By Zack Perry, RRS CEO

It is no surprise that Protected Health Information (PHI) must be kept secure while at rest and throughout the PHI transfer process. This requires an in-depth knowledge of a patchwork of rules and regulations that must be learned, studied and applied rigorously. 


After speaking to many of you over the past six months, the surprising feedback was that HIM Directors who choose to outsource release of information often feel let down with the level of knowledge of the individuals handling day to day PHI disclosure. RRS has taken an aggressive approach to remove that disappointment by investing in training for our employees to ensure they understand the intricacies related to the more than 45 steps required for proper PHI disclosure. Additionally, we require tsmall cris imagehat our staff has working knowledge of HIPAA, privacy, security, breach, patient rights, as well as various state laws. It’s a daunting task to learn all of this information, but we believe that taking these extra steps allow our clients to feel secure in our commitment that PHI is transferred with the utmost care and respect. That is why we, at RRS, are proud to announce that 100% of our staff are Certified Release of Information Specialists (CRIS).


CRIS Certification is a rigorous exam comprised of a broad range of questions covering the contents of a medical record to the components of a valid authorization for PHI release. The test is divided into relevant subject groups like medical records, release of information theory, HIPAA standards, benefits, and application. The CRIS test is designed to be challenging, and individuals receiving a passing grade are well equipped for the important task of secure PHI transfer.


RRS requires CRIS certification as part of our dedication to our staff's education and knowledge-base and to provide the most secure PHI transfer environment for every request we manage.