Sep 09
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RRS Medical Joins HealthMark Group

HealthMark Group, a leading digital health information platform, today announced the addition of RRS Medical, a release of information service provider, to the company’s portfolio of solutions. This strategic combination enables HealthMark to expand its footprint across the nation, furthering HealthMark’s mission to deliver a seamless approach to digital health information management.

“Healthcare’s administrative burdens and inefficiencies are widespread. Our growing suite of solutions brings compliance, efficiency, and peace of mind to our customers and their patients,” says Bart Howe, CEO of HealthMark. “Together with RRS Medical, we will continue to leverage technology to build solutions for the full spectrum of the patient information journey.”

HealthMark is fueled by a relationship with Ridgemont Equity Partners, a Charlotte, North Carolina-based middle market growth equity investor. “We continue to support the evolving demands of a diverse patient population that desires a streamlined solution capable of reducing cost, mitigating compliance risk, and improving patient satisfaction,” says Howe.

“By joining forces with the HealthMark team, our clients benefit from the software and scale of HealthMark’s proprietary MedRelease™ platform,” says Zack Perry, RRS Medical CEO and President of the Association of Health Information Outsourcing Service (AHIOS), who will serve on HealthMark’s executive leadership team going forward. “MedRelease™ will provide our customers unparalleled transparency, robust reporting capabilities, and even faster turnaround times.”

HealthMark has been continually recognized for growth in recent years by organizations including Inc. 5000 and Dallas 100. With this expanding reach, HealthMark is cementing its role as a market leader of medical record management and patient engagement solutions. “It’s not enough to simply offer one point solution anymore – healthcare organizations are challenged to constantly do more with less. HealthMark combines multiple solutions under one roof which provides a game-changing experience for our clients and their patients,” says Howe. “RRS and HealthMark are very closely aligned in terms of our customer base, company culture, and vision for the future of digital heath information management, and now we will have the opportunity to execute on that vision as a combined organization.”


HealthMark Group is a leading provider of digital health information management solutions for healthcare providers across the country. By leveraging technology to reimagine the business of healthcare, HealthMark transforms administrative processes into seamless digital solutions. From patient engagement technology supported by OTech, to HealthMark’s proprietary MedRelease™ platform for Record Management, the company is pioneering an efficient, compliant, and patient-centric approach to support the full spectrum of the patient information journey. HealthMark Group was founded in 2006 with corporate headquarters in Dallas, TX and has been named to both the Dallas 100 and the Inc. 5000 for multiple years in a row as one of the fastest growing companies in the region and in the country.